Downstate’s 2016 Excellence in Education Award Recipients

SUNY Downstate acknowledges its accomplished educators, all consummate professionals, annually with the Excellence in Education Awards. The awards recognize expertise, dedication, and commitment to teaching, mentoring, leadership, and curriculum development.  

“Award recipients personify professional excellence and serve as role models and leaders,” according to Joseph P. Merlino, MD, MPA, Vice President for Faculty Affairs & Professional Development. “Through these awards, Downstate Medical Center proclaims its pride in the accomplishments and personal dedication of its faculty.  The honors conferred encourage the ongoing pursuit of excellence and superior professional achievement.”

Recipients of the 2016 Downstate Medical Center Award for Excellence in Education:

Daniel Ehlke, PhD, MA, School of Public Health
Edward Heilman, MD, College of Medicine
Richard Kollmar, PhD, School of Graduate Studies
Coleen Kumar, MSN, RN, College of Nursing
Steven Ostrow, MD, College of Medicine
Toni Zuccaro, PT, PhD, College of Health Related Professions

The awards will be formally presented at the Annual Faculty Development Conference and Faculty Awards Reception in September, 2016.

SUNY Downstate

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